Everett News

Dr. NO Soon Available!

Orders for Percival Everett’s new novel, Dr. NO, are supposed to begin shipping on November 1, 2022 from Greywolf Press.

New Items Added to Bibliography, including a 2018 Everett E-Book

Several recent pieces of scholarship, including the contents of the Spring 2019 special Everett issue of African American Review guest edited by Joe Weixlmann and Anthony Stewart and Derek Maus’s new Everett monograph, have been added to the Everett bibliography. Other new items include 2018 and 2019 interviews, along with a citation for a 2018 e-book of Everett’s fiction entitled Two Stories. The second of the new tales is especially interesting insofar as it spins off of the 2015 faux-book distributed for a time through Amazon that bears the name Percival Everett as author and the title Parts of Brain: Its Functions on the cover; the contents of this tome, in turn, consist of the aforesaid cover followed by more than 50 blank pages. Everett’s spinoff story in the new collection offers a heady, freewheeling, and decidedly clever concatenation of aesthetic, philosophical, identity, social, literary critical, literary historical, and other issues sure to tickle the fancy of the Everett devotee.