Percival Everett: A Primary and Secondary Bibliography

by Joe Weixlmann, Saint Louis University

This bibliography, which is regularly updated, is designed to facilitate research into the writing of Percival Everett. The first five sections deal with Everett’s published works and are arranged chronologically:

I. Monographs, including Editions & Reviews
II. Uncollected Stories
III. Nonfiction
IV. Novel Segments Published prior to the Novels’ Release
V. Initial Publications of Collected Stories & Poetry

The final four sections list works about Everett and are arranged alphabetically:

VI. Critical Studies
VII. Biography & Biocriticism
VIII. Print & Audio/Video Interviews & Commentary
IX. Bibliographies

Items preceded by an asterisk (*) may exist, but I have thus far been unable to locate them. Reprints of Everett’s shorter works and of Everett criticism have intentionally been omitted.

Everett’s work as a visual artist is not cited, but two especially worthwhile sources are There Are No Names for Red: Poems & Paintings, which Everett coauthored with poet Chris Abani (Los Angeles: Red Hen, 2010), and “A Portfolio” in Callaloo 28.2 (Spring 2005): 333-42. In the fall of 2022, Once Seen, a collection of Everett’s paintings that “serve as a companion” to his 2021 novel The Trees were exhibited at Los Angeles’ SHOW Gallery.

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