ALA 2017 PEIS Panel Schedule

Thursday, May 259 – 10:20am
Session 1-H
Percival Everett’s Writing: Identity, Motifs and Meaning Organized by the Percival Everett International Society
Chair: Anthony Stewart, Bucknell University
1. “Damned Meanings: The Molar and the Molecular in Everett’s Post-Structuralism,” Paul Ardoin, The University of Texas at San Antonio
2. “Hypernarrative Fourierism in Percival Everett’s Stories,” Zach Linge, The University of Texas at Austin
3 . “Postblack Aesthetics and the Rewriting of African American Experience in the Novels of Percival Everett,” Ahlam Soltani, Université de Maine, Le Mans
4. “Survival and Creation in Percival Everett’s Zulus,” Clément Ulff, Université de Versailles
Thursday, May 25, 10:30 – 11:50am
Session 2-H
Percival Everett’s Writing: Emblematic Places and Journeys Organized by the Percival Everett International Society
Chair: Anne-Laure Tissut, Université de Rouen
1. “South by West: Percival Everett’s American Regions,” Matthew Dischinger, Georgia Institute of Technology
2. “Philosophy Embedded in Space: Percival Everett’s Western Novels,” Michel Feith, Université de Nantes
3. “Journeying back to the Self in Percival Everett’s Walk Me to the Distance,” Marie-Agnès Gay, Université Jean Moulin – Lyon 3, Institute of Transtextual and Transcultural Studies
Thursday, May 2512 – 1:20pm
Session 3-M
Business Meeting: Percival Everett International Society
Thursday, may 253 – 4:20pm
Session 5-H
Organized by the Western Literature Association
Chair: Michael K. Johnson, University of Maine-Farmington
1. “Voicing His Objections: Narrative Voice as Racial Critique in Percival Everett’s God’s Country,” James J. Donahue, The State University of New York, College at Potsdam
2. “‘Is it different where you come from?’: Percival Everett’s Western Fiction and Menippean Satire,” Derek C. Maus, The State University of New York at Potsdam
3. “Civil Rights and the American West: Percival Everett’s Watershed and the Dakota Access Pipeline,” Matthew Mullins, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
4. “Percival Everett and the Problem of Not: The Inconvenience of Race and Region in Erasure and I Am Not Sidney Poitier,” Joshua Smith, Biola University